Baltimore Sun

Baltimore Running Festival was a winner

- Chuck Heckman, Harrisonbu­rg, Virginia

Watching the marathon and half-marathon during the 20th Baltimore Running Festival this past weekend, I saw many instances of outstandin­g public service by the Baltimore uniformed services (“Jeremy Ardanuy, Joanna Hayes win marathon in 2021 Baltimore Running Festival,” Oct. 9).

Dealing with traffic control and sometimes irate and abusive drivers, the police were profession­al and competent, keeping the runners and drivers safe and the traffic moving as well as possible when thousands of runners are suddenly sharing the roadway. I interacted with several officers throughout the event, and they were unfailingl­y pleasant and good humored, even after a few drivers were rude to them.

So, thank you to the men and women who helped Baltimore pull off such a large event — and to all the many residents who took time to cheer the runners going past their homes!

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