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Spend those retail dollars locally, please


In reference to Dan Rodricks’ recent column on retailing, “Support local retailers before more of them disappear” (Oct. 5), I was so saddened to learn that Steve Appel’s shop, Nouveau Home and Interior Design, had closed in 2019.

I remember so vividly the first Nouveau on North Charles Street close to The Peabody Conservato­ry of Music, where I was employed. I would run there on my lunch breaks to see what great items he had and many times purchased fun pieces of jewelry and kooky sunglasses. Steve and his partner were always a pleasure to see — all smiles and eager to please.

It was a terrible thing that they were forced to lose something they poured their hearts into for years and were so good at. And they are not alone. Many small retailers and others went out of business in the past year and a half because of COVID-19. I really hope consumers will realize how important it is to support local businesses. Not just in the good times but, more importantl­y, in difficult times. This includes smaller local restaurant­s as well.

I’m so sorry, Steve. I’m sorry I never got to say goodbye and wish you well. And, by the way, I still have the sunglasses with the rhinestone­s and palm tree embellishm­ents.

Mary-Jo Ford Dale, Baltimore

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