Baltimore Sun

Why no coverage of the Maryland Hunt Cup?

- — Mac Kennedy, Baltimore

I have never been much of a real horse racing fan, however, I do love to follow the sport’s major events and have even attended several Maryland Hunt Cups and Preaknesse­s. They were always fun events and in the past, the Hunt Cup has attracted crowds of over 20,000. In 1961, The Sun’s great sports reporter Bob Maisel called the race “as typically Maryland as the crab cake, the oyster, and the hard crab.”

I always knew I could read about the area’s big races in The Baltimore Sun the following Sunday morning. That is until last week. Through the years, The Baltimore Sun had a myriad of reporters covering the Hunt Cup. In days gone by, the winners were highlighte­d in the sports page headlines with stories about the race, and through the years, many feature stories were written about the tens of thousands of spectators. But this year, you didn’t cover the event at all. What happened?

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