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New lighting at Fort Avenue Bridge is a welcome sight

- — Janan Broadbent, Baltimore The writer is president of the Key Highway Community Associatio­n.

While we respond to all the bad news about the city we live in, allow me to comment and thank all those who made a special project possible. For the last almost nine years, Key Highway Community Associatio­n has been working with public and private companies and can now announce that the under lighting of the Fort Avenue Bridge has been completed.

We started this effort to use funds collected from the public to beautify Key Highway. With the patient expertise of Gable Lighting, known for the Domino Sugars sign, and with the perseverin­g support of our Councilman Eric Costello, the Baltimore City Department of Transporta­tion and Baltimore City Department of Public Works, the project kept going. Merritt Properties allowed us to piggyback on to their BGE meter. This project was conceived as a safety measure under the bridge where pedestrian­s walk especially from the cruise port to McHenry Row. It was also aimed to be visually uplifting as the gateway into Baltimore from Interstate 95.

The Gable Lighting crew even found a way to deal with an unexpected obstacle of pigeons destroying wires: The lights change colors for different local occasions such as orange for Baltimore Orioles opening day or purple for Baltimore Ravens games.

State Senate President Bill Ferguson said: “I’m deeply grateful for the Key Highway Community Associatio­n’s leadership on the under lighting of the Fort Avenue Bridge. The completion of this project and its lighting represents what is possible for our city when neighborho­ods lead in implementi­ng community-centered efforts to build a better Baltimore.”

So while there is crime and other problems in our city, there is also good news that should help all of us to maintain hope and energy toward a better environmen­t.

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