Baltimore Sun

The new york times crossword

- B Sid Sivakumar


1 Travel aid in

science fiction 9 Classic musical with the song “If He Walked Into M Life” 13 Some spandex

garments 15 The Midwest’s so-called “Queen Wheat Cit ” 16 No-fuss 18 Teen issue getting much topical coverage? 19 “Weird ...” 20 Button on a

Facebook post 22 Cop room

suppl 23 Vehicles in “The Phantom Menace” 24 Comic Notaro 25 Drawings with lots of little blocks

26 Ollas, e.g. 29 What might collect a lot of


30 Ironic word before an expletive 31 Rapper Fiasco 32 Planks can

strengthen it 33 Walk or run in

a show wa 37 Megacelebr­ities, so to speak 39 Black bird 40 Writer of the autobiogra­ph “Freedom in Exile”

41 Game of manual dexterit 43 Willingnes­s to

listen 44 Enclose

45 Paul ___, pet food compan founder 46 Drink with dr vermouth, paradoxica­ll 48 What has new seeds ever spring?: Abbr. 49 Intervals represente­d b adjacent frets on a guitar 50 Millennial­s, b

another name 51 Jumble


1 The can be

graphic 2 [grimace] 3 Pressure

treatment? 4 Where The

Oaks is run 5 Joins a heav metal band, sa 6 Thunderstr­uck 7 Authorit in the field, informall

8 The don’t know what the ’re talking about

9 Some supermarke­t displa s 10 Long gone 11 AA and AAA 12 Shangri-las 14 Like much

marshland 17 Stud buds? 21 Ruler chosen through the Islamic process of shura 23 Ache for, in a


25 One side of a fast-food restaurant 27 “It’s an one’s

guess” 28 Certain crossbred lap dog

31 Currenc depicting the Persian poet Rumi

32 Big brand of

camping gear 33 ___ wheel 34 Abrupt change in tone, perhaps 35 Inventions of Karl Ben and Rudolf Diesel 36 One sitting on the bench, ma be 37 Noomi ___, lead actress of 2009’s “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” 38 Wrapping

weights 40 Undertakin­g 41 Banned

back ard game 42 N.B.A. general manager

Brand 44 “Whoa, whoa,

whoa!” 47 Sport with hits and strikes, for short


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