Baltimore Sun

Window washers aren’t the problem; people who pay them are


Baltimore, the window washers on the Baltimore Street corners are not the enemy; it is those persons who give them money. The money givers keep these young men from seeking help from Baltimore City and others who offer them jobs. There will be trouble when we all stop giving them money for their service. However, the disturbanc­es become short-lived when no money is on the street corners. I watched the car in front of me giving money to the window washer who pulled out of his pocket a wad of cash bigger than my fist — self-employment with no taxes to pay. The immediate solution: Every Baltimorea­n, including our media, to bring this message to the money givers. A sense of charity from the money givers is commendabl­e, but it is causing the street corner problems to exist.

— John Holter, Baltimore

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