Baltimore Sun

Encounteri­ng squeegees at multiple intersecti­ons

- — Paula Katz, Ellicott City

I am writing regarding the Dan Rodricks column “Reducing tensions, creating jobs for squeegee workers,” I think his four suggestion­s of how to solve this problem by offering better lifestyle options for these workers are excellent.

I confess that I am one of those people who lives in the suburbs hesitant to travel into Baltimore City. My conundrum deals with how to handle the issue of having my windshield cleaned at one intersecti­on and offering a tip, as I did numerous times when I worked downtown, and then traveling a few blocks only to be confronted by more squeegee workers who don’t want to hear that I’ve already participat­ed in this endeavor without some of them getting angry and verbally abusive.

Until a solution comes to fruition, as much as I miss visiting the excellent restaurant­s and cultural experience­s offered in the city, I will remain in the suburbs where I feel relatively safe.

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