Baltimore Sun

Bridge Play

- Frank Stewart

“My partner must be arithmetic­ally challenged,” a club player said to me,

displaying today’s deal. “He seems to think that 10 plus four equals 13.”

My friend said he had played at four spades and was sunk by the 4-1 trump break.

“I ducked the first heart,” he told me, “won the second and cashed the A-K of trumps. When West discarded, I had four losers: two trumps and a second heart. My partner said I had 10 winners, but there

are only 13 tricks. He can’t add, but arguing with him is like trying to blow out a light



Could you compress four losers and 10 winners into only 13 tricks? After South takes the A-K of trumps, he cashes the A-K of clubs, ruffs a club and takes the three high diamonds, as East follows. Having won nine tricks, South leads dummy’s last club at Trick 11.

East cannot cope. If he discards his last heart, declarer ruffs for his 10th trick. If instead East ruffs, South discards his losing heart and scores one more trump trick.


You hold: ♠ AK632 ♥ A73 ♦ K73 ♣ A 9. Your partner opens one club, you jump to two spades and he bids 2NT. The opponents pass. What do you say?

ANSWER: Your jump-shift invited slam and showed a strong hand with either solid spades, club support or balanced pattern. At this point, you need only raise to 3NT, saying you have the third type of hand and your slam interest is only mild. If you have a slam, your partner will bid again.

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