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Baltimore needs Trey Mancini


My wife and I have been 13-game

Orioles season ticket holders for over three decades dating back to Memorial Stadium. We were attending O’s games before Mike Elias was born. If he trades Trey Mancini because some algorithm he learned at Yale says “it’s the correct mathematic­al conclusion,” we are done (“Mike Elias says surging Orioles will approach trade deadline from ‘global’ perspectiv­e. Trey Mancini is ‘at peace’ with whatever it might bring,” July 9).

We’ve stuck by the O’s through some very thin years. Kept our plan in the mid-90s when I took a job in Richmond, Virginia, and drove up Sundays during Cal’s best years. Mr. Elias’s “management by statistica­l theory” cannot measure leadership and guts. Trey Mancini possesses both in abundance. The team needs him in the clubhouse. The fans need him on the team and in the field.

Don’t trade him.

— Thomas M. Neale, Towson

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