Baltimore Sun

Heritage Foundation’s claims about oil are patently untrue

- — Jack Kinstlinge­r, Towson

Another distorted and false commentary emanating from the Heritage Foundation, the mouthpiece organizati­on of the Koch brothers (“President Biden’s economy steering us toward recession,” July 15).

The op-ed by E.J. Antoni unfairly blames President Joe Biden for our troubled economy and rising inflation, which has little to do with the administra­tion’s policies, but is due largely to market disturbanc­es caused by the war in Ukraine. The Heritage Foundation commentary places blame for the increased price of oil and gasoline on President Biden’s cancellati­on of pipeline projects and of oil drilling leases, but we know that the cost of oil is determined by the worldwide oil market not on domestic supply.

U.S. oil companies are currently sitting on thousands of approved oil leases that they are not even exercising, so cancellati­on of some domestic drilling leases has absolutely no impact on the supply of oil. The Sun’s decision to publish such articles from the Heritage Foundation leads to misinforma­tion and is a disservice to readers.

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