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Webb space images are triumph for city, humanity


I write after reading the article, “‘We did it’: Baltimore institute, home base of the James Webb Space Telescope, celebrates its first images” (July 12). What a triumph for Baltimore.

I once saw an art exhibit at the Walters Art Gallery in Baltimore of blown-up photos from the Hubble.

The exhibit was a spiritual and a sensory experience, each photo a masterpiec­e no artist could conceive, fiery, potent and hypnotizin­g, of streams of stars cascading from clouds of dust, of stellar nurseries incubating millions of points of light.

I saw this exhibit years back. It is, to me, still vivid and unforgetta­ble. I can’t fully imagine what the James Webb telescope will give us.

It will take us to the edge of the universe when it was far younger and stun us with revelation­s that will alter astronomy and physics.

That much I am sure.

In dark times, as men fight unnecessar­y wars that annihilate fellow humans and incinerate nature with missiles and bombs, as I watch America, a democracy gone awry, teeter and extremism rear its ugly head in our midst with its cacophony of hate and gun violence, I will remember the James Webb telescope and be filled with a pure sense of excitement that we can peer millions of billowing light years into the past.

We are the children of the stars.

This telescope could help us understand the enigmas of our universe like dark matter and black holes, shed light on our origins and give us new calculatio­ns to figure out the fate of our expanding universe.

There could be no higher purpose for humans than that.

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