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Lyles leads US to a sweep of the 200


Noah Lyles crouched down, put his hands on his knees and glared at the clock. Not seeing what he’d hoped for, he waved his hand dismissive­ly and walked back onto the track to celebrate what was still a long-awaited win in the 200 meters at the world championsh­ips. Oh, but this night would just keep getting better. The clock that, for a moment, read “19.32,” would adjust down a tick to “19.31.” That meant he broke Michael Johnson’s hallowed, 26-year-old American record — a mark that, for decades, seemed unapproach­able. Then, a few seconds later, the scoreboard that, at first, only had Lyles’ name on it, popped up with the names of the two finishers behind him: Kenny Bednarek and Erriyon Knighton of the U.S. The U.S. had swept the 200, just as it had the 100 four nights earlier. Lyles pounded his hand on the track four times, stood up straight and ripped off his jersey. He grabbed his medal from the presenter, then went over and hugged his family and took hold of an American flag. The sweep gave the U.S. 22 medals through seven days of competitio­n.

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