Baltimore Sun

Hopkins should not be abusing owls

- — Georgeanne Pinkard, Queenstown

There is plenty in the news to both sadden and concern us including in the article, “Johns Hopkins University can continue barn owl testing after permit battle with PETA” (July 14). How can Johns Hopkins University, the National Institutes of Health and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources remain complicit in what is clearly a brutal and inhumane treatment to an animal that then needs to be euthanized?

The researcher­s place electrodes into the brains of barn owls while they are restrained to study how they react to their environmen­t. Supposedly, this is to better understand the human medical conditions of ADHD, schizophre­nia and autism. So, on one hand, the Hopkins researcher­s are acknowledg­ing that owls have feelings that can generate informatio­n. On the other hand, they are completely disregardi­ng the owls’ pain and suffering as inconseque­ntial. Is there a study to better understand the merciless and compassion­less mind of institutio­nal researcher­s?

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