Baltimore Sun

People want leadership focused on domestic problems

- — Michael Pravica, Henderson, Nevada

On a recent visit to Baltimore, I read the commentary, “Bret Stephens: The prime minister Britain needs now” (July 18), with interest. It is interestin­g that not one word in this essay addresses how to solve Britain’s many domestic problems beyond continuing to provoke Russia risking World War III and only worsening the energy crisis the longer the war goes on.

This is why Boris Johnson fell from grace and lost power — he was more interested in helping the Ukrainians than ordinary Britons. The same situation can be found here in the United States as we fight our own civil war on America’s neglected and impoverish­ed streets. As Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neill famously said “all politics is local,” our “leaders” would benefit heeding these words and focusing on helping their own citizens first lest they meet the same fate that Mr. Johnson did.

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