Baltimore Sun

‘Renew Baltimore’: Sun readers support six-year plan to reduce city property taxes

- — Mary Miller, Baltimore

Plan to cut Baltimore property tax rate has merit

Regarding your recent editorial, “Cutting Baltimore’s property tax rate: the devil is in the details” (July 12), I initially was skeptical of Renew Baltimore’s proposals, but I’ve come around.

Baltimore’s tax base growth and homeowners­hip rates are very low relative to other comparable cities. Our property system is regressive and unfair. Low income homeowners pay a disproport­ionate share of their income for property taxes for homes that often don’t appreciate in value to pass on to the next generation.

For years, the city has conducted a tax lien sale that allows investors to take control of homes with unpaid property taxes, in some cases causing homeowners to lose their homes. Where is the equity in that? Six years is enough time to revise our tax system and reposition the city for growth. It’s time for Renew Baltimore’s plan.

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