Baltimore Sun

Why so much trouble getting a ballot in the mail?

- — Bradley Alger, Baltimore

Shortly after reading The Baltimore Sun’s article on primary election ballots (“Primary election ballots will hit some mailboxes this week, Maryland Board of Elections says,” June 14), my wife and I requested our mail-in ballots. As promised, she received hers in the mail a few days later. Mine didn’t come then or in the following weeks. I voted in person on Tuesday morning and, as expected, had to fill out the additional paperwork required to cast my vote as “provisiona­l.”

The punch line? Late the afternoon of

July 19, primary Election Day, the U.S. Postal Service delivered my handsome, colorful, mail-in ballot packet, officially printed and sent by the Baltimore City Board of Elections. Completely worthless now, of course. I’m sure I’m not alone in wondering: “Was it really so hard to get the ballots to us on time?”

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