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Different viewpoints make for better opinion pages


People who would seek to have the media refrain from publishing commentary they do not concur with (“Please stop running Heritage Foundation commentary,” July 26) illustrate a point made by Bret Stephens in Tuesday’s commentary, “Bret Stephens: I was wrong about Trump voters.”

That is, such people who would prefer a personally sanitized commentary page obviously lack “respect for difference­s of opinion.”

Some people on the other side could call for Leonard Pitts and other liberal commentato­rs to be banned as well for their biases.

Now I realize the readership probably to a degree mimics the relative distributi­on of political persuasion­s of Baltimore and the state, but trying to suppress commentary from either viewpoint smarts of one-sided dictatoria­l regimes.

The commentary by American Heritage and conservati­ve writers in general that grace these pages are infrequent at best but provide some opposing viewpoints.

I would venture a guess that even Bret Stephens’ commentary today would not be well received by certain members of the Sunpapers’ readership, including American Heritage antagonist­s and even Sun columnist Dan Rodricks.

— Michael Ernest, Catonsvill­e

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