Baltimore Sun

Legalize squeegee kids? That wouldn’t work.

- — Stas Chrzanowsk­i, Baltimore

I found the commentary on legalizing the “squeegee workers” to try to control the drivers’ abuse and safety conditions (“Want to solve Baltimore’s squeegee problems? Legalize and regulate it,” July 21) an interestin­g concept, but I believe all the bureaucrac­y and regulation­s would prevent the program from ever getting off the ground.

If you legalize the work, then somebody has to be responsibl­e for ensuring that taxes are paid on the money collected, if ever reported. You would also need to make sure that fake ID badges are not being used. I guarantee that will happen with those who don’t want to be a part of the legalized industry. While I hear that some of the squeegee workers are onboard, once all the regulation­s and rules come out they could balk. As in the past couple of weeks where there was a 14-yearold doing windows, I assume that child control laws would be enforced.

While an interestin­g concept, it will never happen as the squeegee crews appear to enjoy their freedom to do what they want and when they want. I can’t see them losing any money to taxes or Social Security or anything else. As far as community service, who will agree to that when they can be making money on the street?

And never forget it is illegal. But in Baltimore that really doesn’t mean much anymore. What are they thinking of legalizing next?

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