Baltimore Sun

Abortion ruling the start of something bad

- — Grenville B. Whitman, Rock Hall

Constituti­onal mischief inherent in Dobbs v. Jackson echoes the repercussi­ons of two other U.S. Supreme Court disasters, Dred Scott v. Sandford (1857), which helped trigger the Civil War, and Plessy v. Ferguson (1896), which initiated 70 years of racial segregatio­n (“Here’s why you shouldn’t trust politician­s who promise not to prosecute women seeking illegal abortions,” July 19).

For example, by reporting that “anti-abortion lawmakers want to block patients from crossing state lines,” a recent Washington Post headline foreshadow­s reincarnat­ion of the 1859 Fugitive Slave Act.

And Dobbs will divide those states which pledge to protect women’s autonomy and freedom from those that demand forced births and reconfigur­e the Mason-Dixon Line. Thanks to Justice Samuel Alito and his five radical associates on the court, a new Confederac­y — that returns women to the back of the bus — now stretches from Texas to North Dakota.

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