Baltimore Sun

Bridge Play

- Frank Stewart

“To err is human. Just don’t let your eraser wear out before your pencil.” — graffiti

Bridge is a game of error. (I suspect that more are made at the bridge table than in most areas of human endeavor.) In today’s deal, North-South’s bidding was shaky. South needed a bit more strength for his “reverse” to two hearts; North should have bid three diamonds next instead of raising the hearts with three-card support.

West led a club, and East took the K-A and led a third club. Declarer ruffed and led the king of trumps ... and East took his ace and returned a trump. South drew trumps,

finding the happy 3-3 break, and claimed.


East erred. He should duck the first trump and duck again if South leads a second trump. If South leads a third trump, East wins and cashes

a club; if instead South starts the diamonds, West gets a ruff with his last low trump.

You can’t erase your mistakes, but you can learn from them. Cherish the ace of trumps. Don’t release it too soon.

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