Baltimore Sun

Water, sewer should be run by regional authority

- — James Tully, Halethorpe

Baltimore City government has shown it’s no longer capable of managing and running our area’s aging water and sewage treatment operations (“Maryland could depart from Back River Wastewater Treatment Plant in five weeks, leaving residents frustrated,” July 27). As Baltimore County now has the larger population and provides the, ahem, bulk of the system’s deposits, both fiscal and fecal, Baltimore County should be given a seat at the table to help oversee both the management and maintenanc­e of our metro area’s vital water and waste systems.

A good example and precedent for this is found in the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, which has provided both water and waste treatment to the D.C. area since 1918. This arrangemen­t would ensure that proper funding and upkeep would be provided and take some of the load off of Baltimore’s shoulders.

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