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Grudge-carrying Trump voters aren’t victims


Columnist Bret Stephens says supporters of Donald Trump have understand­able anger (“I was wrong about Trump voters,” July 25). He cites another commentato­r who calls them “the unprotecte­d.”

I don’t see it. Most Trumpers I know live comfortabl­e middle and even upper-middle class lives. They do harbor resentment­s, deftly exploited by former President Trump, that are generally directed at others who have perceived advantages. When I ask if they’d trade places with those others, the response is usually, “Well, no.”

After a former colleague had a stroke, we told him how so unfair this was. He said, “Actually I’m lucky. To be born white in 20th century America is like hitting the lottery.” That profile fits a good many Trump fans, including Jan. 6 insurrecti­onists.

When Oriole manager Earl Weaver stormed out of the dugout to protest an umpire’s call, the stadium’s public address system often played Linda Ronstadt’s “I’ve been cheated, been mistreated, when will I be loved.” Earl might kick the dirt but would then get back to managing the O’s to another win. I wish more Americans would be like Earl and move on from their grievances. I wish they’d also spend more time appreciati­ng the blessings of American citizenshi­p and considerin­g how to help others share in them.

— Herb Cromwell, Catonsvill­e

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