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1 Ritzy

5 Like the caboose among all the cars on a train 9 “Perry ___” (classic legal drama)

14 Iams

competitor 15 Regarding 16 Harden (to) 17 When the Allied invasion of Normandy was launched 18 “Movin’ On

Up” and “I’ll Be There for You,” for two 20 123 ___ Street (Big Bird’s address) 22 Clear, as a

diner’s table 23 Washington, D.C., baseball player, for short

24 Sound at the start of “gentle” and “giant” 27 Apply, as lotion 29 Window

fixtures most used in the summer, for short

32 Kind of tide 33 “That’s ___

hadn’t heard!” 34 Board game in which pieces may be captured or

crowned 36 Reply to

“Who’s there?”

39 Not glossy, as

a photo finish 40 Baby dog 42 Legitimate 43 Submission to

a contest 44 Any “Jr.,” to

his father 46 Rick’s love in

“Casablanca” 48 Composer

Stravinsky 49 1992’s “A Few

Good ___” 50 Run up, as

expenses 51 Brusque 53 Gerund suffix 54 Victoria Beckham ___ Adams

56 Pic taken at

arm’s length 60 What draws recording artists to Nashville and jazz lovers to New Orleans 64 “___ Las Vegas” (1964 film starring 52-Down) Customer’s

routine order, with “the” Big rig’s cargo Cousins of

401(k)s Cylindrica­l


On the ___

(unfriendly) Certain email

folder 65

66 67

68 69 70


1 Protective gear for in-line skaters

2 Ye ___

shoppe 3 Health

resorts 4 Georgetown

athletes 5 Charge for an overdue payment 6 Cigar residue 7 Office address

abbr. 8 Mausoleum 9 Pageant whose hosts have included Bob Barker, Dick Clark and Steve Harvey 10 Year: Sp. 11 Main religion

of Pakistan 12 Instrument heard at a ballpark 13 Where eggs

are laid 19 Continenta­l


By Drew Schmenner

21 Animal “relative” an astonished person may claim to be 25 Covering seen

at a ballpark 26 Dashboardm­ounted navigator 28 Greek B’s 29 Zenith 30 Martial arts action star Jackie

31 What glows in the west at day’s end … or a hint to this puzzle’s sequence of shaded squares

35 PC shortcut for

“copy” 37 Boxer Tyson 38 Biblical garden 41 It may be turned with a swipe on an e-reader 45 Scrumptiou­s


47 War god who’s a foe of Wonder Woman 50 Occupied, as a


52 See 64-Across 53 “It’s my turn” 55 Rebounding

sound 57 Pyromaniac’s

obsession 58 “Ghostbuste­rs” director

Reitman 59 Toward the


61 Actor McKellen 62 ___ de cologne

63 Acorn, for one

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