Baltimore Sun

Peach cake makes news easier to swallow


With all the bad news and the divisive politics, it was wonderful to read Jacques Kelly’s reminiscen­ces of peach cake in

The Baltimore Sun (“Retro: Peach cake is a Baltimore delicacy, but what makes it so special?” July 28). I so remember going to Silber’s Bakery with my mother to buy a slab of peach cake when I was a child during those hot and steamy August days. What a memory!

The other “good news” item that stood out in the paper was the photo of the annual Assateague to Chincoteag­ue wild pony swim, handled by the “saltwater cowboys.” I hope The Sun does more of a story on this annual event that is featured in the children’s book, “Misty of Chincoteag­ue.”

— Denise Lutz, White Marsh

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