Baltimore Sun

Kudos to Gov. Hogan for putting country first

- — Robert W. Locke, Baltimore

One thing that has come out of the Jan. 6 hearings is that there were good Republican­s in key places in the Donald Trump administra­tion and thank God for them. But in his recent commentary in The Baltimore Sun, (“Larry Hogan failed to groom a solid successor. For the sake of good government, he must now support the GOP gubernator­ial nominee.” July

28), Jimmy Mathis clearly is of the camp that holds that “my party comes before my country.”

I agree that Gov. Larry Hogan did not do a good job of cultivatin­g a successor. But he at least has sense enough not to compound the oversight by backing Del. Dan Cox, a man who supported the Jan. 6 insurrecti­on. I left the Republican Party a while ago, but I do applaud the governor’s recognitio­n that what is best for the country supersedes what is best for the party.

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