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1 Typical ice

cream servings 7 Talkative 13 “Try and do

better!” 15 Traditiona­l medicine uses its oil

16 Two pair beats

it in poker 17 Terrible things 18 Totally


19 Tip of a plane 21 Tierney of “The

Affair” 22 Theater’s

___’acte 23 Trade 24 “Trapeze:

The Unexpurgat­ed Diary of

Anaïs ___” 25 Twosome 26 “Take heed,

___ summer comes, or cuckoo-birds do sing”: “The Merry Wives of Windsor” 27 Tagged surreptiti­ously, as on an email 29 Tantalizin­g

film preview 34 Tipplers drink this in the belief it helps sober them up 35 Thieves’ stash,


39 Three Stooges member, for a time

40 “Touch and

Go” singer Ocasek 41 Toxicologi­cal

E.R. cases

43 To what



art gallery

TDs or FGs Thunderous, as

a crowd 50 Turin-based automaker ___ Romeo

51 “To: All Staff”

note 52 Testarossa or

Portofino 54 Transgress­ive,


56 Table the rehearsal for a bit, say 57 Tiger’s slot on the schedule, e.g.

58 Thought through, with “out” 59 Third-largest country in the European Union, after France and Spain 44

46 47


1 Theatrical­ly

presented 2 Tropical source

of milk

3 Type of


4 Turn the ___


5 The Eagles, on

scoreboard­s 6 Taurus, Virgo,

Libra, etc.

7 Top dog at a


8 Tort basis 9 Twin-blade

razor brand 10 Thrash

11 Toto in “The Wizard of Oz,” e.g. 12 Two-word tenet of improv comedy

By Scott Graham

14 Tub accessory 15 This is what a tailor seeks to provide 20 Tailoringr­elated

27 Tall one or cold one, in Germany 28 Title role for

Liz Taylor, in brief 30 Throat-clearing

sound 31 Telenovela, e.g. 32 Travelers from

afar, for short 33 Toward the

stern 35 Transcende­ntalist who wrote “Walden” 36 Thoroughly

overhauls 37 Thing checked at a polling

station 38 Teriyaki appetizer, maybe 39 Treats very unfairly, in


42 Taken

dishonestl­y 45 Type of

chair 46 Thwacked,

biblically 48 Trojan War


49 Tempo 53 Tomato

shade 55 Tabby’s cry

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