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Pelosi can stand up for democracy in Taiwan


Now the Chinese are trying to tell the U.S. Congress what to do (“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi starts Asian tour with speculatio­n over Taiwan visit,” Aug. 1)? Does Washington now have to submit all government travel to pre-approval by the Chinese Communist Party?

There is no reason why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi cannot visit Taiwan, as she did Tuesday. Washington should not let China tell any representa­tive of the United States where they can travel. No amount of bluster should stop any U.S. official from visiting, the effort to do so proves that China is trying to unilateral­ly change the status quo.

I wonder how many decades it will take for China to change from being an oppressive police state to a free democracy. Speaker Pelosi landed in Taiwan Tuesday, and I hope her visit is covered by every network in America.

Thank you, Speaker Pelosi, for supporting freedom and democracy in Taiwan.

— Kent Wang, Sterling, Virginia

The writer is advisory commission­er for the Overseas Community Affairs Council of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in the United States.

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