Baltimore Sun

Pelosi makes an ‘ego trip’ to Taiwan

- — Jon Ketzner, Cumberland

Who would have thought, back in the day, that Baltimore Mayor Thomas “Young Tommy” D’Alesandro III’s little sister going to Taiwan might lead to World War III? We live in crazy times (“US will not abandon Taiwan as China protests, Nancy Pelosi says,” Aug. 3).

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s ego trip to Taiwan is a big nothing burger, wrapped in meaningles­s empty symbolism and silly posturing by bombastic politicos on both sides of the Pacific. I hope the elderly grandmothe­r enjoys her little boondoggle, and, I suspect, she probably made a few bucks off the circus.

That the United States has allowed itself to become so dependent on Taiwan for its technology needs is the buried lede in this story. Ms. Pelosi, if she had a truly patriotic cell in her ancient bones, would come home and work overtime to help liberate us from that absolute dependency.

The people of Taiwan, whether they like it or not, have a reckoning with China in their near future. They are going to get Hong Konged and the United States is not going to risk nuclear oblivion on their behalf. In the meantime, though, our political leaders should forget about windmills for a little while and make us technologi­cally independen­t again.

Come home, Nancy, and do your job.

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