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Spare us the doom and gloom


Please spare us doom and gloom commentari­es. Recently, The Baltimore Sun published a column by Bret Stephens bemoaning the sad state of affairs worldwide (“Bret Stephens: our leaderless free world,” Aug. 1). According to Mr. Stephens, we are facing a worldwide recession; President Joe Biden is largely responsibl­e for inflation, which is out of control and should have been predicted; and the war in Ukraine is on the verge of being lost. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Most economists agree that we are far from a recession, our inflation is likely to abate this fall or early next year. President Biden’s performanc­e regarding Ukraine was heroic in mobilizing the free world to counter Russian oppression. However, taking a more aggressive position against Russia as advocated by Mr. Stephens threatens nuclear retaliatio­n by Vladimir Putin. Commentato­rs like Mr. Stephens who keep on insisting that we are in a recession may lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy.

No, Mr. Stephens, the sky is not falling.

— Jack Kinstlinge­r, Towson

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