Baltimore Sun

Kudos for in-depth report on firefighte­rs’ deaths

- — F. Ford Loker, Baltimore

I would like to congratula­te and to thank Lilly Price for her in-depth piece, “‘Do we have anybody in there?’ Report details vacant house collapse that killed three Baltimore firefighte­rs in January” (Jan. 29).

The editors gave her the space to give an almost minute-by-minute account of the horrific events leading to the injuries and deaths of the brave and dedicated firefighte­rs who battled the January blaze in one of Baltimore’s thousands of vacant properties. Firefighte­rs risk their lives daily to protect us. They do not need the extra and unnecessar­y dangers of dousing fires in vacant — largely worthless and often unstable — buildings.

The article concludes with “Applying hard lessons.” Let us hope and yes, even pray, that there are solutions to prevent tragedies like this from ever happening again.

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