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Doctor urges seniors to get new medical alert device

Seniors snap up new medical alert device that comes with no monthly bills


People don’t always do what their doctor says, but when seasoned veteran emergency room physician, Dr. Philip B. Howren says every senior should have a medical alert device, you better listen up.

“Seniors are just one fall away from being put in a nursing home,” Dr. Howren said. “With a medical alert device, seniors are never alone. So it keeps them living independen­tly in their own home. That’s why seniors and their family members are snapping up a sleek new medical alert device that comes with no monthly bills ever,” he said.

Many seniors refuse to wear old style help buttons because they make them look old. But even worse, those medical alert systems come with monthly bills.

To solve these problems Universal Physicians, a U.S. company, went to work to develop a new, modern, state-of-the-art medical alert device. It’s called “FastHelp™” and it instantly connects you to free unlimited nationwide help everywhere cell service is available with no contracts, no deposits and no monthly bills ever.

“This slick new little device is designed to look like the pagers doctors wear every day. Seniors love them, because it actually makes them look important, not old,” Dr. Howren said.

FastHelp is expected to hit store shelves later this year. But special newspaper promotiona­l giveaways are slated for seniors in select areas. ■

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