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The only device that makes you look important, not old


The problem with medical alert devices is, nobody wants to wear them because it makes them look old. Well, that’s not the case with FastHelp. That’s because it’s the first state of the art medical alert device designed to make you look important, not old. Old style monitored help buttons you wear around your neck, or require expensive base station equipment or a landline are the equivalent of a horse and buggy, it’s just outdated.

Millions of seniors fall every year and spend hours lying on the floor helpless and all alone with no help.

But seniors who fall and get immediate help are much more likely to avoid getting sent to a nursing home and get to STAY

living in their own home independen­tly.

Yet millions of seniors are still risking their safety by not having a medical alert device. That’s because

seniors just can’t afford to pay the monthly bills that come with old style medical alert devices.

That’s why seniors born before 1956 are rushing to cash in the whopping $150 instant rebate before the 2 day deadline ends.

So there’s no need to wait for FastHelp to hit store shelves later this year because seniors born before 1956 can get it now just by using the $150 instant rebate coupon printed in today’s newspaper before the 2-day deadline ends. If lines are busy keep trying, all calls will be answered. ■

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