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“When I pressed the alert button, I got straight through to help and they answered me immediatel­y. I live out in the country and my cell phone doesn’t always get reception... that was not a problem with my FastHelp device.”

- Walter, TN


“When I got my FastHelp I never thought I’d have to use it, but when I fell and broke my hip it saved my life.”

- Harold, OH

Very appreciati­ve of having FastHelp

“I did have an emergency. Help RESPONDED quickly and came in a few minutes.”

- Irving, PA


“We bought it outright with no bills ever.”

- Rosemary, NY

Safe anywhere

“This little FastHelp device is my guardian angel. I’m so glad my daughter-in-law got it for me.”

- Pete, FL

Everyone should have it

“I’ve been telling everyone to get one. Thanks to the folks at FastHelp for taking good care of people when they need it.”

- Marlys, IA

Love my unit and feel much safer

“I am a 68 year old recent widow. Standing on a chair to put my tree topper on this

Christmas I thought ‘What if I fell?’ Saw your ad and ordered my FastHelp unit.”

- Megan, CA

Unsolicite­d consumer feedback from satisfied customers as reported to Universal Physicians. Universal Physicians rated these customer reviews 5 stars

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