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A crusader who should inspire others


As a longtime peace activist in Baltimore, I was always impressed by the peace work of Susan K. Macfarlane. And I learned so much more about her activism in reading her obituary (“Susan K. Macfarlane, a civic activist who supported the building of Thanksgivi­ng Place at Stadium Place, dies,” Sept. 12).

For example, I was unaware that she appeared before the House Un-American Activities Committee where she testified about the grave harm caused by atomic bomb testing. Who could support Strontium 90 getting into milk? According to the obituary, the committee vilified protesting mothers as “Un-American.” Susan was indeed speaking truth to power.

And of course, Susan was with us in protesting the U.S. war with Iraq. It is still shocking to think that the George W. BushDick Cheney administra­tion lied to Americans that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destructio­n. Those of us in the movement against that morally reprehensi­ble war knew it was a lie.

I thank Susan for her acts of courage and send my condolence­s to her family and many friends. Now that she is gone, I hope her life will influence others to speak out for peace with justice regardless of the consequenc­es.

— Max Obuszewski, Baltimore

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