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Bridge Play

- Frank Stewart

Thursday, March 2. It was cool in Los Angeles. We were working the daywatch out of Missing Persons. The boss is Captain Stewart. My partner’s Bill Gannon. He’s a good player. My name’s Friday.

We got a call about an incident at a Ventura club. We checked it out. One player was dummy and spoke with us.

“It’s terrible, officer.” “Just the facts’, ma’am.” “My partner is at four spades. The queen of clubs was missing, and she’s still missing. He’s been sitting there trying to decide which way to finesse.”


The defense took two hearts, and West next led the nine of trumps. If South drew trumps, he would have none left, and then if he misguessed in clubs, the defense would cash hearts. He finally led a club to the ace and let the jack ride. West ruffed, and East still got a club trick.

We took South into custody on a charge of going down. He should lead a trump to dummy at Trick Four and let the jack of clubs ride. He is safe for 10 tricks even if West wins.


West dealer N-S vulnerable


♠ 1052

♥ 96

♦ K654

♣ AJ104

WEST 98643 KJ8 Q1082 6


A3 K872

Opening lead —


None AQ10752 J97 Q953

South 2 ♠

4 ♠

You hold: ♠ None ♥ AQ10752 ♦ J97 ♣ Q953.Your partner deals and passes, and the next player passes. East in today’s deal opened two hearts with this hand. Do you agree?

ANSWER: Were East the dealer, to open two hearts would be questionab­le at best, with a side-suit void and playabilit­y in two other suits. Opposite a passed hand, players often ignore the textbook requiremen­ts. Still, I would accept a pass, one heart or three hearts.

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