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Electric vehicles have a long way to go

- — D. Keith Henderson, Parkville

I read The Baltimore Sun editorial on electric vehicles (“Electric vehicles get the green light in Maryland, but there are challenges ahead,” March 16). I thought I might address a few things that you overlooked or downplayed. The glaring one is range. The range of EVs still does not compare to that of a gas combustion engine. I can jump into my trusty Honda and go north, south, east and west, from border to border and sea to shining sea, with no problems. Can I do that with an EV? One really has to plan their trip to do so.

You say 17 states are pursuing the same course as Maryland. That leaves 33 that are not. Electric vehicle drivers are warned not to drive through West Virginia because there are only 14 stations in the whole state to charge up. Despite the actions of politician­s in my legislativ­e district in Baltimore County to increase charging stations here, that will have no effect on surroundin­g states. So unless you only drive your car in Maryland, you are limiting yourself.

You mention that the “average” price of a combustion powered vehicle is $49,507 for a vehicle as opposed to a $61,488 electric car. This is not comparing apples and oranges. A new Honda Accord sedan (as opposed to an SUV or truck) runs $25,000 to $30,000. That is a lot more affordable than a Tesla sedan which starts at $42,900 for a Tesla 3, $54,990 for a Tesla Y, $89,990 for a Tesla S, and (hold on to your wallet) $99,990 for a Tesla X. Plus the reason gas vehicles are more expensive now is still due to lingering supply problems with chips. Once manufactur­ers can start speeding up supply, prices will drop.

You say 12 years sounds like a long way off. I don’t feel that way with technology that still has not proven itself nor the necessary infrastruc­ture nationwide has been set up. It is way too short. I am at an age where my next car will probably be my last car. And way before the 12-year deadline, you can bet I will be buying a new gas powered car. Happy motoring!

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