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- - Ryan Cracknell

2019-20 Panini Absolute Memorabili­a Basketball cards get their name for not only the amount of relics in the product, but the types as well. Sure, there are jersey swatches and patch pieces, but the product also brings in an abundance of other things like basketball­s and caps.

Hobby boxes have just two packs. In each is both an autograph and a memorabili­a card.


Perhaps nowhere on the 2019-20 Absolute Memorabili­a checklist is the variety of relics more apparent than in the Tools of the Trade Signatures. Each of these has either three, four or six pieces, all with different combinatio­ns of items. This means collectors can expect more than a trio of just plain jersey pieces. Additional parallels bring with them smaller print runs and more premium pieces. A total of 33 rookies are included in this portion of the set.

Hats and basketball­s get the oversized treatment in a pair of inserts under the Jumbo name.

Additional memorabili­a can be found in Veteran Tools of the Trade, which have five parallels.

On-card autographs aren’t everywhere in the product, but they do exist. Rookie Autographs, Rookie Autographs Variations and Limitless Signatures, which go beyond first-year players, are all hardsigned. All three of these also have five tiers of additional parallels.

Going beyond traditiona­l hits, a new batch of Glass inserts are part of 2019-20 Absolute Memorabili­a Basketball. Like in the past, these are tough pulls.

The base set is a mix of rookies and veterans. Parallels exist at multiple levels with print runs ranging from 199 down to 1/1.

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