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Top Five Rookie Cards


2020 Panini National Treasures #172 JSY AU RC

Just about everyone’s top Rookie Cards start with the on-card autographe­d patch National Treasures. It’s the same for Taylor. There’s nothing different with this one than recent National Treasures RCs. It’s numbered to 99 and is selling for a little more than $900, which is up from about $500 in September. There were several parallels included in last year’s product, including Holo Silver numbered to 25, Stars and Stripes to 20, Holo Gold to 10, Black to 5, Platinum NFL Shield 1-of-1, and a few other spinoff sets.

2020 Panini Contenders #116A AU RC

Taylor’s second-most valuable Rookie Card right now is still less than $200, checking in at about $170. That’s nearly twice as much as it was selling for before the start of the season. Since Taylor was a top draft pick, his Contenders Rookie Ticket is one of the on-card autographs. There’s a short print photo version limited to 250 copies that shows Taylor in a white jersey. Both versions have several parallels, but the most popular parallels for the base RC are Playoff Ticket numbered to 99, Championsh­ip Ticket to 49, Cracked Ice to 22, and Clear Ticket to 10.

2020 Panini Flawless #115 RC

The base Flawless Rookie Cards are always tough to find being numbered to 20. This one features a small piece of diamond. There’s no autograph or memorabili­a, but that’s part of what makes it attractive. If you find one, expect to pay about $150. The parallels stick to the Flawless gem theme with Sapphire numbered to 10, Diamonds to 7, Emeralds to 5, Aquamarine to 2 and Platinum 1-of-1.

2020 Panini Flawless Collegiate #167 & #116 JSY AU RC

One of Taylor’s top-five most valuable RCs is a collegiate-licensed autographe­d patch from Flawless showing him as a Wisconsin Badger when he rushed for more than 6,000 in three seasons. Actually, there are two RCs in the base set. One is #116 and the other is #167. One has a vertical layout and the other is horizontal. Both are numbered to 25, so they can be hard to find. Expect to pay about $125 for these. Each has a few parallel levels: Ruby numbered to 20, Sapphire to 15, Gold to 10, Emerald to 5 and a Black 1-of-1.

2020 Immaculate Collection #110 JSY AU RC

If you want a slick-looking on-card autographe­d patch Rookie Card for about one-fifth of the price of Taylor’s National Treasures RC, this Immaculate Collection might be your best option at around $150. It’s numbered to 99, and there are four parallel levels: Gold numbered to 25, Rookie Patch Autographs Premium Edition to 14 (with a larger patch than the base RC), Platinum 1-of-1, and NFL Shield patch that’s also a 1-of-1.

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