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Five Key Rookie Cards Under $100


2020 Panini Spectra #216 JSY AU RC

Taylor has plenty of quality Rookie Cards for less than $100, including this Spectrum autographe­d patch RC. It’s numbered to 99 and brings nearly $100 right now. It has a sticker signature but the patch is one of the largest of any other RC. There are 15 total parallels including some with specific patches. Most parallels have a neon finish. Some of the key levels are Hyper numbered to 75, Neon Purple to 35, Wave to 25, Black Light to 10 and Psychedeli­c to 5.

2020 Limited #118 JSY AU RC

Limited is an underrated product with slick on-card autographe­d Rookie Cards. This is numbered to 175 and is creeping close to $100. The patch isn’t as big as other RC options, but this is a great choice if you can’t afford one of Taylor’s top-five RCs. There are seven Spotlight parallels (plus four printing plates): Gold Spotlight numbered to 75, Ruby Spotlight to 49, Amethyst Spotlight to 25, Holographi­c Spotlight to 20, Emerald Spotlight to 10, Silver Spotlight to 5 and a 1-of-1 Sapphire Spotlight.

2020 Panini Origins #117 JSY AU RC

Origins has several on-card autographs, but this Rookie Card is a sticker autograph with a fairly large patch. Recent sales of the base RC have neared $80, and it was topping out at around $40 in September. This isn’t serially numbered, but the seven parallel versions are. You can identify the parallels from the different color background­s: Red numbered to 99, Orange to 75, Blue to 49, Turquoise to 25, Gold to 10, Green to five and a Black 1-of-1.

2020 Panini Prizm #332 RC

Prizm is one of two of Taylor’s most popular non-autographe­d RCs. You can still find this for less than $10. Prizm is known for its abundance of parallel levels (nearly 40 base set parallels in 2020), which can be a combinatio­n of different color borders and print features. Some of the most popular ones are Prizms (the most common and often referred to as “Silver” by collectors), Pink, Red White and Blue, Blue Wave numbered to 199, Blue Ice numbered to 99, Camo to 25, and the ultra-rare Snakeskin, Gold to 10 and Gold Vinyl to 5.

2020 Donruss Optic #167 RR RC

The Rated Rookie brand adds some extra appeal to Donruss Optic. Last year’s release didn’t have the helmetless “hero” shots we’ve seen in past years, but this is still a strong base RC product. There aren’t quite as many parallels as there are in Prizm, but there are still more than 25 to chase. Not all are numbered. Holo is the most common with a holographi­c finish. Pink, Blue Scope, Wave numbered to 199, Purple to 50 and Black Pandora to 25 are some of the most popular.

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