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Ultimate Collection offers the season’s first ultra-premium RCs, along with plenty of highend treats like on-card signatures and oversized patches. Each four-card box includes three hits: a rookie autograph, a memorabili­a card, and either another autograph or a premium memorabili­a card.

BASE/PARALLELS e base set features 200 cards, all of which are serial numbered. It’s an approach that should provide a fun chase for player collectors, as well as potential set builders. Veterans make up the first 75 cards, with each numbered to 149 copies. Legends (#76-100) are limited to 99. Ultimate Rookies (#101-200) are numbered to either 299 or 99. Many, though not all, are autographe­d. Veteran and Legends parallels include Gold (/35) and Onyx Black (/5). Select cards also have Autograph (Veterans – 1:8, Legends – 1:35), Gold Autograph (/15), and Onyx Black Autograph (1/1) versions. Veteran memorabili­a parallels include Jumbo Patch (/3), Jumbo Patch Autograph (/3), and either a Shield Patch (1/1) or Shield Patch Autograph (1/1). Some Legends have 1/1 Jumbo Auto Patch versions. Ultimate Rookies parallels include Auto Patch (/99 or /49), Jumbo Auto Patch (/15), and Shield Auto Patch (1/1) parallels. Jersey versions that don’t have signatures have print runs of 649 or 449 copies.

AUTOGRAPHS/MEMORABILI­A Ultimate Access Jersey Autographs are based around premium photograph­y (various numbering). Look for Auto Patch (/99 or less), Jumbo Auto Patch (/15), and Shield Auto Patch (1/1) parallels, along with unsigned Jersey versions (Tier 1 – 1:12, Tier 2 – 1:85). NHL Legacy features multi-generation­al players and kicks off with standard relics (Tier 1 – 1:18, Tier 2 – 1:50), then ramps up with autographe­d versions (various numbering). Also look for Bronze Patch (/10 or less), Bronze Auto Patch (/25), Gold Tag (/3), and Gold Tag Auto (/6) parallels. 1997 Legends Autographs (1:25 packs) bring another batch of signatures with the classic design. Other autograph themes include Debut reads (/99 or less), Pro reads (/49 or less), Rookie Accents, Rookie Signature Premium Materials, Signature Masterpiec­es (1:17), Signature Material Laureates, Signature Premium Materials, Ultimate Signatures (1:6), and Ultimate Material Signatures. Jerseys from the All-Star Game are featured in three 1/1 shield sets: All-Star Skills Shield Patch, Auto Shield Patch and Tandem Shield Patches. Also look for Rookie Tandem Shield Patches (/2), which pair a 2020-21 rookie with a teammate. Ultimate Quad Materials have four swatches and print runs of 99 copies or less.

INSERTS Rookies are the focus of Ultimate Introducti­ons (1:3) and Ultimate Introducti­ons Showcase (1:100). Parallels include Gold (/49), Onyx Black (/25) and Purple (/5). Autographs include Gold (/50 or less), Onyx Black (/15) and Purple (1/1).

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