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Some sports card sets take a subtle approach to design. Others go big with lots of color and flair. 2021 Panini Phoenix Football is definitely one of the latter. From the base set to the inserts and all points in between, there’s no shortage of pop on the checklist.

Hobby boxes have no shortage of variety as well with a pair of autographs, a memorabili­a card, nine inserts, two Silver parallels, nine additional parallels and a dozen rookies.

ere’s also a Hobby Hybrid version that has two autographs, eight inserts, ten Lazer parallels and 18 rookies.

e 242-card base set is split into three sections. Veterans and rookies each have 100 cards.

Done on chromium stock, all have lots of parallels. Here’s a look at what’s available in hobby and Hobby Hybrid boxes. HOBBY: • Silver (two per box)

• Color Burst (one per box) • Red – /250

• Pink – /199 • Teal – /150

• Purple – /125 • Orange – /99

• Yellow – /75

• Fire & Ice – /50

• Blue – /35

• Green – /25

• Black – /10

• Printing Plates – 1/1 • Gold – 1/1 HOBBY HYBRID:

• Silver Lazer (three per box) • Red Lazer – /285

• Orange Lazer – /99

• Fire & Ice Lazer – /50

• Green Lazer – /25

• Black Lazer – /10

• Gold Lazer – 1/1

Rookies also have autograph versions.

e final 42 cards are RPS Rookie Auto Jerseys. Players on these represent some of the key first-year players of the season. Parallels here land in Orange (/149 or less), Yellow (/75 or less), Blue (/50 or less), Green (/25 or less) and Laundry Tags (1/1). Lazer versions are exclusive to Hobby Hybrid boxes. AUTOGRAPHS, MEMORABILI­A CARDS AND OTHER INSERTS

Among the other autographs in 2021 Phoenix Football is Triple Patch Autographs. ese have three players with a signature and swatch from each. Green versions have no more than 25 copies each. Black max out at 10 and Super Prime are one-of-ones.

Mythical Autograph Materials are a new additional to the checklist this year.

Rookie Jumbo Memorabili­a gets its name for its oversized swatches. Versions include Purple (/99), Yellow (/50), Blue (/25), Green (/10) and Super Prime Gold Vinyl (1/1).

Phoenix averages out to include an insert in packs that don’t have a hit. Among them is the brightly colored Flame rowers, a set dedicated to quarterbac­ks past and present. ese have a sizeable parallel lineup that includes Red (/199), Pink (/175), Teal (/149), Purple (/125), Orange (/99), Yellow (/75), Bronze (/50), Blue (/35), Green (/25), Black (/10) and Gold (1/1).

Tough inserts include Phoenician, En Fuego and the debuting die-cut Volcanic.

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