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Topps Chrome and UEFA are a combinatio­n that’s been done a few times. Now it’s the ladies’ turn. 202122 Topps Chrome UEFA Women’s Champions League marks a full mainstream release for the league and its players. It has all the makings of a modern Topps Chrome release with lots of colorful Refractors and other chase elements. Among them is the promise of one autograph per hobby box.

e main part of the release is the base set. Made up of 100 cards, it highlights top players from around the Women’s Champions League. ose making their debut appearance­s get the ‘RC’ logo found on other Topps soccer products.

Parallels, rarer versions of base cards, come in a rainbow of colors:

• Refractors – 1:3 hobby packs

• Pink Prism Refractors – /150

• Neon Green Refractors – /99

• Inferno Refractors – /75

• Gold Refractors – /50

• Orange Wave Refractors – /25

• Red Refractors – /5

• Superfract­ors – 1/1

e one-per-box Autographs take on the base design. ese have their own Pink Prism Refractor (/150), Inferno Refractor (/75), Neon Green Refractor (/50), Orange Wave Refractor (/25), Red Refractor (/5) and Superfract­or (1/1) parallels.

Four additional inserts are also available. Flags of Foundation (1:9 packs) highlight top stars’ countries. Future Stars (1:6), a theme that’s in a lot of Topps Chrome products, look at top young players. Goal Machines are approximat­ely one per box.

At 1:108 packs, Inferno is the product’s short print insert.

All four insert sets come with Orangewave Refractor (/25), Red Refractor (/5) and Superfract­or (1/1) versions as well.

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