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2021 Panini XR Football is a product that offers a lot of a little. From case hits to oneof-one autographs, quantities of individual cards might be small. However, there is a solid number to go around if you take a helicopter view of the release as a whole.

Hobby boxes have a pair of autographs, a memorabili­a card, an insert and four parallels.

The main set in 2021 XR has 200 total cards. Half are active and retired stars. The other half consists entirely of rookies.

Parallels come nine levels. Of those, eight are serial numbered:

• Red – /249

• Blue – /199

• Orange – /99

• White – /75

• Teal – /49

• Gold – /10

• Green – /5

• Black – 1/1

New this year are X parallels. Although not numbered, these are tough with each 14-box case averaging just one such card.

Select Rookies also have autograph versions, which have their own Orange (/49), Gold (/10), Green (/5) and Black (1/1) parallels. AUTOGRAPHS, MEMORABILI­A


Rookies figure prominentl­y beyond base autographs in the XR’S signature lineup.

Among them is Rookie Triple Swatch Autographs that pair a player’s ink with three pieces of gear. These cards go beyond jerseys by mixing in pieces like gloves, hats, helmets and socks.

These have additional Red (/75), Blue (/49), Orange (/25), White (/15), Gold (/10), Green (/5) and Black (1/1) versions.

Rookie Xcellence Autograph Swatches stick with one piece of meat, but it’s a big one. These have just four parallel tiers: Blue (/49), Gold (/10), Green (/5) and Black (1/1).

Gamers Autographs makes its debut in 2021 Panini XR Football. All swatches on these cards come from game-used memorabili­a from veteran stars. Blue (/25), Gold (/10) and Green (/5) parallels are available along with four different one-of-ones: Platinum, Brand Logo, Tag and Team Logo.

As far as memorabili­a inserts go, Team Materials has pieces from a pair of teammates. Rookie XL Materials go for the oversized swatch.

Both of these comes with Blue (/49), Orange (/25), Gold (/10), Green (/5) and Platinum (1/1) parallels.

Among the other inserts on the checklist, two are making their debut, the rookie-centric Impending Greatness and Vintage Moments.

Impending Greatness has Red (/149), Blue (/99), Orange (/49), White (/25), Gold (/10), Green (/5) and Black (1/1) parallels.

2021 Panini XR Football is a hobby-exclusive product. It will not be available at retail.

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