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With Immaculate, there’s not a lot of major changes from year to year. For baseball, the high-end release is known mainly for autographs, some premium memorabili­a and designs that aim for elegance. Such is the case with 2022 Panini Immaculate Baseball.

e all-hits release has six cards per box, four being autographs.

Rookie Patch Autographs are one of Immaculate’s centerpiec­es. e swatches might not be as large as those found in National Treasures, but they’re not small, either. Signatures are on-card and there is a variety of parallels including Holo Silver, Platinum and Brand Logo.

Similar are Prospect Patch Autographs, which put the spotlight on more than a dozen top youngsters who are either still in the minors or got their first taste of big league action aˆer Immaculate went into production.

Immaculate also uses a mix of card stock and styles as a foundation for the presentati­on of some of the product’s autographs. For example, Clearly Immaculate Signatures use acetate.

Shadowbox Signatures do as well, however these are done with added layers to give the appearance of depth.

Eyeblack also returns as a signing surface on some autographs.

Yes, 2022 Immaculate Baseball has the standard jersey, uniform and patch swatches that most products have. But there are also things like batting gloves, fielding gloves, cleats and caps.

Jumbo is one of the places where this is apparent with the memorabili­a window covering much of the card’s front.

Rookie Reserve highlights a pair of swatches.

Hall of Fame Materials and Hall of Fame Jumbo Materials is all Cooperstow­n inductees.

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