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Re­gard­ing “street im­prove­ments” in east Belleville a few months ago. The fol­low­ing con­di­tion of Vir­ginia Ave. ex­tend­ing from Gar­den Blvd. to Prairie Ave. was present be­fore the ap­pli­ca­tion of oil and chip. A rough, un­even, wash­boarded driv­ing sur­face, with de­te­ri­o­rated edges along ditches on both sides of the street. You would think that ma­chin­ery would be used to cor­rect the above con­di­tions be­fore a new layer was ap­plied, but that didn’t hap­pen. Oil was sprayed and some for­eign look­ing ma­te­rial ( pink?) was ap­plied over the same, un­cor­rected sur­face. Two weeks later most of the rock made its way to the outer edges of the street and is now de­posited in rows along the ditches and we are back to where this process started. All the im­per­fec­tions re­main with the only change be­ing the color of the sur­face. The re­cent paving of Gar­den Blvd. is ob­vi­ously more ex­pen­sive but is the cor­rect way to main­tain city streets. Money needed for paving could be ac­cu­mu­lated by dis­con­tin­u­ing the use­less process of oil and chip. A good place to start would be south Vir­ginia Ave.

– Lane Webb, Belleville

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