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More than 3,500 vets are home­less each night.

Now we are ex­pected to let twice that many into our coun­try and care for them?

We shouldn't have to choose who to take care of first. I know my choice if I had to choose. What do you think?

– John Schrand, Belleville


Our school teach­ers are all but for­got­ten. Our best teach­ers are leav­ing their pro­fes­sion and tak­ing other jobs.

Our chil­dren’s ed­u­ca­tion is im­por­tant, and we should want the best for them. No one seems to be wor­ried about our kids’ ed­u­ca­tion. No one seems to ever men­tion our kids’ ed­u­ca­tion or our teach­ers. Most of our teacher have to take a part-time job to help pay their bills.

There are a lot of kids at­tend­ing school and don’t have all of the sup­plies they need. Our teach­ers spend money out of their own pock­ets to help these kids. Other pro­fes­sions get raises, but no one even men­tions our teach­ers.

Most teach­ers don’t make enough money to make a liv­ing. We won­der why our school sys­tem is not in the top five per­cent any­more. We need to try and re­tain our teach­ers and give our kids a chance to com­pete with the rest of the world.

– Robert Kirk­land Jr., O’Fal­lon


I re­mem­ber when I was in the mil­i­tary and it came time to vote. The unit- ap­pointed vot­ing of­fi­cer would re­mind ev­ery­one of the re­quire­ments to vot­ing by a cer­tain date and mail­ing your com­pleted bal­lot, so it was re­ceived in a timely man­ner (at least two weeks) prior to the elec­tion.

These south­ern states have be­come too lax when it comes to the mil­i­tary ab­sen­tee bal­lot­ing around the world. Al­low­ing mil­i­tary bal­lots to ar­rive right up to elec­tion day or later is the pri­mary rea­son that count­ing is still go­ing on. Maybe these states should learn from their coun­ter­parts in the north­ern states. Early ar­rival pre­vents piss-poor per­for­mance. – James J. Har­ri­gan, SSG, U.S. Army

Re­tired, Water­loo


It is in ser­vice to oth­ers we find our bet­ter selves. Some fall in the vic­tim trap of bad cir­cum­stances, bad de­ci­sions, and wal­low­ing in their own mis­ery in­sti­gated by bad peo­ple. Oth­ers are lost in their pride so full of worldly suc­cess they fail to re­al­ize their re­spon­si­bil­ity is to help not shame oth­ers. Some fan the flames of ar­ro­gance and self­ac­tu­a­tion for profit while oth­ers ex­cuse poor be­hav­ior from its just con­se­quences out of a mis­placed sense of com­pas­sion. Our first ser­vice is to look to God for guid­ance be­cause in Him “all things are pos­si­ble.” Be­sides, will all the wealth in the world solve all the world’s prob­lems? Peo­ple take care of peo­ple, not politi­cians or some pol­icy. Pols are al­ways run­ning on "change" that some­how is never quite achieved in elec­tion af­ter elec­tion. Also, why is the "pol­icy" word most of­ten used to deny help, "It is not our pol­icy to ..."? The next ser­vice is to our­selves for as Michael Jack­son, the King of Pop, sang, "I'm start­ing with the man in the mir­ror. If you want to make the world a bet­ter place. Take a look at your­self, and then make a change." True change is per­sonal not po­lit­i­cal so get over your­self, your cur­rent good or bad cir­cum­stances, and "Stand up! Stand up! Stand up! (Yeah! Make that change) Stand up and lift your­self, now (Man in the mir­ror) Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!” Your bet­ter self and bet­ter world is with your hands serv­ing oth­ers.

– Dan Bruzzini, St. Louis


Bi­ble writ­ers were given lim­ited info of pre-Gar­den of Eden. Ge­n­e­sis verse one reads, “In the be­gin­ning, God cre­ated heaven and Earth.” The prophet Isiah writes about the an­gel Lu­cifer that God cre­ated, de­cided to take over God's throne. Some form of God’s cre­ated be­ings must have been liv­ing on Earth dur­ing that time. They had a body and a soul. Lu­cifer cor­rupted them like he did Eve in the Gar­den of Eden. God judged those peo­ple and Lu­cifer, by cov­er­ing Earth with wa­ter and dark­ness, as scrip­ture reads. Lu­cifer was con­fined to Earth. The souls of those judged per­sons were still on Earth also. Scrip­ture calls those souls demons. Je­sus spoke with some demons, and they knew Je­sus by his name. Je­sus was able to com­mand some demons to leave one man and sent those demons into a herd of swine.

Maybe, God has given some of those demons free­dom in our time to do harm to us be­cause we have driven God and His scrip­tures from our lives. Maybe if we in­vite God back in our lives, He could get rid of some of the many demons among us.

– Cal Fink, Troy

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