Belleville News-Democrat (Sunday)

Writer’s comments over the top


At the risk of upsetting Fred Ehrstein even more, let me weigh in on his comment about “defending the indefensib­le” as it pertains to Ashli Babbitt. She is certainly not a hero and if still alive should be punished for her actions. That said, the only shot fired during the insurrecti­on killed her. Since when is breaking and entering punishable by death?

Had Ehrstein taken the time and trouble to watch the video of the event he’d see that the 35-yearold married Air Force veteran was not attempting to smash through a broken door as he reports but rather was climbing through an already broken window into an inner office. Both her hands were visible as she attempted to lift herself through.

Ehrstein’s off-handed attempt to relate the Japanese raid on Pearl Harbor to the insurrecti­on is way over the top. In that attack over 2,400 Americans were killed.

Babbitt won’t “live in infamy” because she’s dead.

– Bill Malec, O’Fallon

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