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The midterm elec­tion brought con­trol of the U.S. House back to the Democrats. Repub­li­cans man­aged to hold on to the Se­nate. How­ever, nei­ther side should crow about its suc­cess.

It’s time to com­pro­mise to ac­com­plish some ur­gent tasks. This in­cludes in­fra­struc­ture, health care, ed­u­ca­tion and job train­ing. An im­mi­nent threat is hu­man-caused cli­mate change. A re­cent sci­en­tific study warns how dan­ger­ous it is. Hur­ri­canes, deadly fires, melt­ing arc­tic ice and ris­ing sea lev­els are ev­i­dence of the dan­gers. The fact that the pres­i­dent and some mem­bers of Congress call this threat a “hoax” is un­for­giv­able.

Most coun­tries ex­cept the U.S. agree that cli­mate change is an im­mi­nent threat. How­ever, even the green­est na­tions can­not es­cape the fos­sil fuel dilemma. Nor­way pow­ers its econ­omy on re­new­able en­ergy but uses prof­its from off- shore oil drilling for rev­enue to fuel its “clean” econ­omy. Nor­way sells all of its oil to other na­tions.

The new Congress can take pos­i­tive steps to en­cour­age clean en­ergy. Stop sub­si­diz­ing fos­sil fuel com­pa­nies. Sub­si­dies should all go to clean en­ergy (so­lar, wind, biomass and oth­ers). There must be an ef­fort sim­i­lar to the one that put us on the moon to de­velop an ef­fi­cient, long-last­ing stor­age bat­tery to make so­lar en­ergy fea­si­ble for all of our en­ergy needs. I be­lieve the sun has the po­ten­tial to pro­vide all the en­ergy we need world­wide.

Congress has to re­ject dog­matic ide­ol­ogy and work to­gether. Com­pro­mise is the an­swer. It is not do­ing “the work of the devil.” – Larry L. Brown, Glen Car­bon

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