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How can our pres­i­dent con­tin­u­ally lie when he knows about every­thing he says is recorded so when he later lies about a pre­vi­ous state­ment he knows the lie will be fea­tured that evening on the Main Street Me­dia? Does he know­ingly and re­peat­edly lie be­cause he be­lieves his base does not care how much he lies? If that is what he be­lieves then he does not have any re­spect for his base and must feel they are not wor­thy of his def­er­ence or his be­lief in their abil­i­ties. This is a sad com­ment on a large num­ber of Amer­i­cans. What that ad­di­tion­ally says is a large num­ber of hard­work­ing Amer­i­cans are be­ing in­sulted by his con­duct and his as­sump­tion of their slav­ish de­vo­tion to what­ever he says they will ac­cept as gospel.

On a re­lated sub­ject I am ashamed of Jerry Lip­pold be­cause of his re­cent dis­jointed and ram­bling ac­cusatory let­ter that sup­pos­edly takes Lib­er­als to task for be­ing ir­ra­tional and ob­nox­ious. How in the world Lip­pold could spew out such ex­treme state­ments when he has a chief spokesman no other than Gary Like, the epit­ome of ex­trem­ism.

To con­clude, I see the Demo­cratic Party as es­sen­tially de­voted to try­ing to bet­ter the lives of work­ing class Amer­i­cans by ad­vo­cat­ing pro- grams to im­prove work­ing con­di­tions, help them pay off their mort­gage, ed­u­cate their chil­dren, and save for re­tire­ment. This is the ba­sis of all our pol­icy pro­pos­als and the creed we live by. – Colonel Lee R. Pitzer, USAF-Ret., O’Fal­lon

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