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Homecoming­s took special measures for disabled in August 1929

- BY BRIAN KELLER For the Progress

A commendabl­e feature of early O’Fallon homecoming­s was the considerat­ion of those who were disabled. Here’s a notice that appeared in the Progress in August 1929. “To enable disabled persons to get a better view of the Home-Coming parade Saturday night, arrangemen­ts have been made for special parking privileges of cars occupied by disabled residents and visitors along the parade route. Windshield stickers will be issued for this purpose and persons desiring them are requested to see C.G. Herzberger who will supply the necessary credential­s for the cars.

Special privileges will also be accorded automobile­s occupied by disabled persons at Community Park at night, providing the cars bear the necessary stickers which may be secured by calling 133X.” Carl Herzberger was an

O’Fallon insurance agent. Similar notices appeared from 1928 to 1932 in the Progress.

75 years ago, Aug. 29, 1946: A wave of automobile thefts which is sweeping the country, struck O’Fallon last Friday night, when sneaks failed to steal two cars but were successful in getting away with a third automobile which was recovered the next day in East St. Louis by state police.

50 years ago. Aug. 26, 1971: The new grade school, now under constructi­on northwest of town, will be named the J. Emmett Hinchcliff­e, Sr. Elementary School in honor of the former superinten­dent of O’Fallon Schools. Superinten­dent Harold Landwehrmi­er said, “Mr. Hinchcliff­e was honored for his long tenure as superinten­dent of O’Fallon schools, and for the influence which he exerted in the lives of the students, particular­ly in the field of music.” Hinchcliff­e recently retired after serving many years as City Treasurer. He resides with his wife at 222 W. Washington. The new school will house pupils in kindergart­en through sixth grade, and is expected to be opened in the fall of 1972.

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